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It’s a chewcastrophe! with Rory the Vet

Posted on May 26 2022

It’s a chewcastrophe! with Rory the Vet

Dog-owning Brits are giving their dogs dangerous treats, new survey reveals

Rory the Vet (Rory Cowlam) who is a British veterinary surgeon and vet on CBBC’s The Pets Factor "Speaking as a dog owner and vet, I find it incredibly hard to find a long lasting, healthy, easily digestible chew for Nala and my clients. Porky Ears are a great option because they are made from natural ingredients and high meat content, which means they are healthy, and they are easily digestible because they have no cartilage or ligament ingredients. Scrap the raw hide and try and Porky Ears next time."

  • Nearly a third of dog owners are giving their pooches cooked bones and rawhide, potential choking hazards says new survey.
  • Nearly all dog owners (97%) believe they know what treats are safe, but we need more education around dog treats said TVs practicing veterinary surgeon, Rory the Vet.
  • 1 in 5 dog owners also reveal, their dogs chewing on everyday objects has resulted in a trip to the vets.

Dog-owning Brits are treating their dogs to potentially life-threatening and dangerous chews, a new survey* by Pooch Snax, a natural pig ear shaped dog chew brand has revealed.
Although a whopping 97% of British dog owners, believe they are aware or very aware of what treats are safe to feed their dog, nearly a quarter (23%) admitted to treating their dog to cooked beef bones and cooked chicken bones (18%) both are considered serious choking hazards.
Whilst nearly a third of dog owners (31%) said they choose natural meat treats for their dogs ‘most of the time’ that they believed were safe to chew (69%), the survey, also exposed that nearly 1 in 4 (23%) regularly treat their dog to rawhide - a product that that also can cause choking if eaten in large chunks or swallowed whole.
Rory the Vet (Rory Cowlam) who is a British veterinary surgeon and vet on CBBC’s The Pets Factor commented: “As a dog owner as well as a vet, I know how important it is to treat your pet to build that amazing bond, but as these shocking results show a large proportion of people are still feeding dangerous treats to their dogs!

“Dog owners need to stop feeding cooked bones - particularly chicken as these will often splinter and become very sharp leading to a risk of gut perforation and very serious issues! I generally avoid raw hide too - it’s really tricky to digest and can cause both gut and tooth issues.”
The results also showed that in addition to giving potentially unsafe treats to our canine companions, our doggie friends are also chewing on perilous household objects.
Over a third of Brits (36%) revealed their dog has chewed on slippers or shoes, whilst 1 in 4 (25%) said their kid’s toys had also received a chomped fate.
Chewing household or everyday objects also has consequences the survey discovered. Over 1 in 4 (27%) dog owners said that this caused their dog to be sick, with 1 in 5 (20%) also admitting, chewing on everyday objects resulted in a trip to the vets.
Rory the Vet continued: “Having been in clinic practice for seven years, I’ve regularly
witnessed issues from dogs eating clothes, sofas, balls and all other sorts of things from around the house! Everyday items can be toxic to dogs so it’s incredibly important to be careful when leaving your dog around potential harmful items.”
The top 10 most common items dogs have chewed are

  1. Tennis balls 43%
  2. Sticks 37%
  3. Shoes/slippers (36%)
  4. Socks (33%)
  5. Kids toys (25%)
  6. Toilet rolls (24%)
  7. Drinking/water bottles (21%)
  8. Cushions (20%)
  9. Sofa (18%)
  10. Plants (17%)

A spokesperson for Pooch Snax said: “Treats, as part of an overall nutritious diet are a great way to bond with your dog. They can help to keep teeth and gums healthy and provide a way to express normal chewing behaviour. However, it’s important that we give our dogs the right kind of treats to avoid unnecessary chewcastrophes!
“It’s why we are proud to launch our new natural and safe dog treat – Porky Ears – that bring something a bit different to the dog treat market. Shaped like ears and produced from 100% British pork, Porky Ears are a natural, healthy and easily digestible treat for your dog to enjoy. Full of protein, they also act a toothbrush.”

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